SKED rollable stretchers

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SKED rollable stretchers for transporting the injured

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The SKED stretcher is a unique solution for high altitude transport and in tight spaces, on land and in water. As standard they are equipped with special belts for helicopter transport in horizontal or vertical position, during evacuation from caves, mining shafts and other places with similar characteristics. It's foldable and flexible design allows for storage and transport in a backpack.

The material from which the stretcher is made is an extremely durable plastic that does not bud even at -80 degrees Celcius. Thanks to this, the stretcher can be used on both snow and ice, in water and on land - even pulling the casualty on a rough asphalt surface. SKED is one of the most versatile transportation systems available. They can also be used as a substitute means of transportation for heavy equipment such as machine guns, medical supplies, individual equipment for each soldier. They have found use in the water rescue system (after using dedicated floats and vertical weighting). The float system and weights (available as an accessory) allow SKED to be used as a floating stretcher in salvage - the casualty will always be floating upright, head up.

Available in green - military, orange (rescue) and yellow - for chemical rescue uses. The whole set is packed in a backpack for easy transportation.

Rollers are commonly used by tactical rescuers, they have also been used in civilian rescue - WOPR and GOPR (Polish mountain and water rescue operations).

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SKED rollable stretchers

SKED rollable stretchers

SKED rollable stretchers for transporting the injured


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